The Bronx Christian Church strives to spread the word of God to as many as possible from the youth to missionaries all over the world


Children's/Teen's Ministry


The children's ministry teaches the bible and supports kids of all ages in accordance to their understanding. Our youth ministry teachers, all certified, provide a warm loving enviroment for all kids to grow in their understanding of Jesus Christ. All children/adolescents are invited to participate in our youth groups "The Girls for God" or "The Young Lions' Club which meets once a month on Saturdays. The Bronx Christian Church Teens also attend the anual christian concert/seminar "Aquire the Fire" every year as a way to meet and fellowship with different churches and christian teens.

The Word is Love


In 2013, TBCC started the web series "The Word Is Love" in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ online. Since then, the broadcasts have been picked up by WMCA New York's Christian Talk as vignettes and can be hear on the air in the tri-state area. However full messages as well as in house sermons can be found on YouTube.