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Free Resources*

Enjoy these free resources to learn more about the Christian life and what it means to be an effective disciple.

*These resources are from third party sources and are not the Intellectual property of The Bronx Christian Church

By Chuck Lawless

In this blog by Chuck Lawless, we learn about the 5 relationships every Christian needs to live an encouraging and fruitful life.


Originally posted on March 19, 2020.

Use these two charts to discover your God-given gift for sharing the Gospel. May you be liberated and empowered to represent Him and the Gospel with joy, love, boldness, creativity, shrewdness—and abundant fruit.

By Glenn Lutjens

In this blog by Glenn Lutjens, we learn about some character red flags in others and why we should be mindful of them.


Originally posted on January 1, 2011

The Christian Microbiome

This document explains the three spiritual "must-ateers"  for creating a healthy Christian life.

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